Guiding Principles

Representing District 26

It is the honor of my life to represent the citizens of District 26 in the Maryland House of Delegates. As a

lifelong resident of District 26, I understand the needs of our community. You are utmost in my mind

during every meeting, hearing and voting session that I attend. Whether it is working for a safer Route

210, or ensuring funding so our students receive a first rate environmental education experience from

the Alice Ferguson Foundation, I am committed to providing you the very best representation possible.

Working Families

Maryland working families deserve fair wages and benefits for a fair day’s work. As primary sponsor, I
have successfully increased wages for Maryland transportation workers, building trades and repair
workers and voted for an increase minimum wage to improve the living standards of all Marylanders. I
was also the House sponsor of the Time to Care Act of 2022 which will provide paid time off when you
or a family member faces a serious medical or family emergency. These improvements will help
Maryland stay competitive in today’s global economy.


I am committed to providing each Maryland student the best education possible. Whether it is by
improving school funding and teacher training; building first class school buildings; keeping college
tuition affordable; or providing apprenticeship programs for high school graduates who do not want to
attend college, each Maryland student deserves to thrive. Education is the cornerstone of a healthy
economy and we must provide our citizens with the best possible opportunity.

Women’s Issues

Women make up 51.6 percent of Maryland’s citizenry. Most women work and many are the sole
support of their families. Yet, women still face workplace discrimination. Which is why I successfully
sponsored legislation to prevent sexual harassment, provide equal pay for equal work and outlawed
pregnancy discrimination for state employees. Women deserve to be treated fairly. I am fighting for my
daughters, and for yours as well.